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    Midlands Member of the month

    Oh my goodness who took the ground away?
    Sam and Smooch tackle a bank at Powranna for the first time
    Photograph:Catriona Nicholls



    Meet our members!

    Name: Sam Herbert

    Age: 16
    Birthday: 28 August 1999
    Horses I have: Smooch, Jack, Makhani and Fly
    Other pets: Four dogs and one cat
    Favourite Food: All food
    Favourite Color: Red
    Favourite book/movie: Fitz and the Fool series — Robin Hobb
    Other sports I enjoy: Rowing, hockey, motorbike riding, hunting, adventuring...the list goes on
    Favourite pony club moments: Being mothered by the senior girls

    Would you like to feature as Midlands Pony Club Member of the month? 

    Please answer the following questions and email to Sarah Johnston eskfarm@activ8.net.au and you could be featured on our website! Also feel free to send a photo if you would like one added, if you don't have one I'm sure I have one on file I can add!


    • Name
    • Age
    • Birthday
    • Horses you have
    • Other pets
    • Favourite food
    • Favourite colour
    • Favourite book or movie
    • Other sports you enjoy
    • Favourite Pony Club memory
    • Any other interesting information


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